4th/5th Grade Highlights

The classroom environment is fast-paced, yet relaxed. Here the teachers strive to instill lifelong organizational skills such as project scheduling, pacing, and prioritization.

The curriculum has been organized into integrated units intended to provide students with weeks of study immersed in a topic. Literature, Science, and Social Studies units feature several projects, simulations and field trips. For example, during the biography unit in Literature, students interview an adult they admire and write a multiple-chapter biography. "Airport" and "Ellis Island" are two highly anticipated cross-curricular simulations. The classroom also takes many field trips, including Turkey Run State Park during the Literature nature writing unit, Anita Purves Nature Center and survival skills during the Adventure writing unit, Clinton Nuclear Power Plant during Science electricity unit, and trips to Krannert Center for various productions.

The Math curriculum is designed to introduce many methods for solving each type of problem. The goal is to have each student choose the method that best fits his/her learning style and conceptual framework. Topics and methods are carefully revisited on a recurring basis to provide students with several opportunities to evaluate and solidify their methods.

Students continue to study either Spanish or Chinese and begin a two-year long study of Latin. They also are engaged in PE, music, art and Creative Dramatics classes.

"What amazes me is that it feels like we are playing every day but so many high level things are learned!"
- 4th grade teacher

Some highlights of 4/5:

  • Sketching, hiking and writing poetry at Turkey Run
  • Touring the world and our Airport simulation
  • Simulating the Ellis Island immigration experience
  • Listening to guest speakers
  • Hatching baby chicks (chick embryology unit)
  • Inventing electrical and magnetic games
  • Investigating the crime scene and our Mystery Powders science unit


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