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Joy in Learning, Excellence in Education

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Board of Directors

Our mission is to combine "joy in learning" with "excellence in education"
“Mission is paramount at independent schools, and one of the most important responsibilities of every independent school board is to be the guardian of the school’s mission. Among other things, the board must adopt the school’s mission, vision, and strategic goals and then establish policies and plans that reinforce them."
- NAIS Trustee Handbook, 9th Edition

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Soo-Yeun Lee, President
Staci Provezis, Vice President
Deborah Bodony, Secretary
Matt Braun, Treasurer
Gopesh Anand
Kathy Eckstein
Dan Epstein
Anuj Garg
Scott McMillan
Erin Nelson
Ann Osterling
Rhonda Perry
Jamelle Sharpe
Tracy Sulkin
Mike Yao

CSA Leadership Team

Melissa Hartman, Chair
Whitney Scifres, Secretary

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