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Joy in Learning, Excellence in Education

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Mission and Philosophy

As a non-profit school, we put children firstOur mission is to combine joy in learning with excellence in education.

Our vision is to provide a challenging and student-centric differentiated learning environment that fosters lifelong learning.

Our philosophy:

We believe that an excellent school must cherish and enhance the powerful drive to learn that is innate in all children.

We believe that a joyful learning experience at school builds the desire for learning. Our aim is to foster lifelong learning and to develop creative thinkers, problem solvers, caring and responsible individuals, and productive members of society.

We believe that students thrive in a school where intellectual stimulation is high and where individual attention is given in a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment.

We believe that a strong core curriculum is essential for further inquiry and accomplishment. At the same time, we encourage the development of each child's natural creativity, and we empower students to express their own ideas. Successful learning engages each child in an active process of discovery, invention, problem-solving, and mastery.

We believe that empowered teachers instill joy and a commitment to life-long learning in their students. A successful school supports its teachers and continually encourages them to build a learning environment that is as rigorous as it is inspiring.

We believe that an excellent school depends upon parental support. A school shares with parents the responsibility to teach children to embrace high moral standards.

We believe that in order to prepare students for life in an ever more diverse society, a school should strive to attract a student body that reflects the diversity of that society. Within that context, a school should promote tolerance of and appreciation for, differences among people and should insist that students interact respectfully and constructively.

Countryside aims to provide the challenges, the support, and the freedom for students to realize their unique potential and to experience learning as a joy.

To support these beliefs, Countryside School:

  • Assigns a high priority to nurturing and developing the individual
  • Challenges students to realize their full potential
  • Offers a safe and supportive environment
  • Stimulates excitement about the process of discovery
  • Provides a strong core curriculum enriched by imaginative projects, simulations, performances and other creative activities
  • Emphasizes hands-on, applications-based learning
  • Partners with families to mutually support their children’s education
  • Builds civic responsibility through participation in community projects
  • Inspires self-respect
  • Requires respect for, and consideration of, others
  • Seeks to create and maintain an inclusive community, supporting gender, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity
two girls building with small colored blocks at a table