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Joy in Learning, Excellence in Education

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Our Graduates

We have nearly 900 alumni across the countryOur graduates attend local public and private high schools as well as University Laboratory High School and various boarding schools. Universities and colleges attended by Countryside School alumni have included the University of Illinois, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Northwestern, University of Michigan, MIT, Oberlin, Rice, Williams, Cornell, Duke, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and well over 100 others.

Among our graduates are physicians, engineers, software developers, accountants, scientists, numerous graduate students in professional and graduate programs, an Olympic medalist, a holder of several U.S. patents, a concert pianist, and a Navy pilot!

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Judy Kaplan


Judy Kaplan

Admissions Director

students painting their 16%22 by 8%22 blocks on the 8th grade mural wall