Alum Studies Blacksmithing
Posted 02/04/2016 12:01PM

Tristan Antonsen (2001) - "Blacksmithing is a craft I've been studying. It is truly a culmination of loving to make things and just thinking it's cool. I have just completed a knife, documented the whole process, and that set of instructions is how I placed in a couple different contests. Here is the link:

I'm not really sure where my love of making things started, I've done similar things as long as I can remember, and Countryside definitely helped. I remember loving the science fair (I studied rocket nozzles) and other things such as social studies where I made a small working recreation of a medieval siege engine called a ballista (sort of a catapult/trebuchet sized crossbow). It's hard to narrow it down to specifics, but Countryside did a great job of helping me further my interests.

As for upcoming projects, I hopefully will be starting a Medieval Dagger, more knives and such, as well as building more tools (a rebuilt forge, tool organization, sturdier anvil stand, and the like). Please email me at if you have any more questions about blacksmithing."

Tristan is also following his love of making things through his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois.

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