2nd/3rd Grade Highlights

The second and third graders are an eager, energetic, and hard working group from first thing in the morning to the end of the day. We begin each day with math, studying everything from basic math facts to practical uses of mathematics in our everyday lives.

As you look around the 2/3 classroom you will see evidence of the variety of subjects we study, including creative writing compositions, science experiments, social studies simulations, U.S. geography, national government, and cultural studies. You can also see special projects from reading, writing, science, and social studies that tell you a little something about the units we are studying.

We have great field trips from historical (Lincoln Museum in Springfield) to science (Tree Scavenger Hunt at a local park). We also determine "Who Discovered America?," perform our American Revolution and Tall Tale musicals, and take part in our hugely-popular "Classroom City" and "Hacker Trail" simulations. We often invite guests to speak who are experts in their field from architects to economists to the Mayor of Champaign.

Considering all the work we do, it's no wonder that we take time each day to refresh ourselves with a morning snack, lunch break, and afternoon recess. We also enjoy PE every day, and we study a world language (either Spanish or Chinese), music, art and drama.

Some highlights of 2/3:

  • Flexible learning environment
  • Creating entrepreneurs with our "Classroom City" economic simulation
  • Investigating buildings and creating structures
  • Going West in our Pioneer simulation
  • Writing, writing, writing in all subjects
  • Performing our musicals on the "big" stage


Countryside School
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