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Below are selected entries from Middle School Insight - our weekly blogs used for communication with our parents.

Beyond Traditional P.E.

In Physical Education, middle school students are off to a fast start. The focus in class is on staying positive, giving our best effort, and making the right choices even when no one is watching. Students started the year with small group games and team building activities. During these first few classes, students were able to try out the new Adventure Wall, work together to move with team walking sticks, participate in the hula hoop rock-paper-scissors craze, and work in small groups on other …

Posted by Kristin Feddersen in PE on Thursday September 20, 2018
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Feudal Warfare and Time Travel (Social Sciences)

We kicked off this school year in Social Sciences with both feudal warfare and time travel! What's not to love? Both Ancient Civilizations (6th grade) and Empires and Nations (7th and 8th gradee) hit the ground running and are already completing weekly homework assignments, taking geography quizzes, participating in group projects, and believe it or not, nearing the end of our first unit! Most importantly, students are engaging in thoughtful, critical analysis of the world around them.

Sixth …

Posted by Kristin Feddersen in the arts on Monday September 17, 2018
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What is Advisory?

Countryside's Advisory program allows students to engage in learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom curriculum. This highly structured time helps students build important life skills which include leadership, empathy, digital citizenship, stress management, organization and study skills, and a host of general social skills. Our Advisory curriculum takes students through various activities and long-term projects to facilitate these skills.

Camping Trip

The first major Advisory …

Posted by Kristin Feddersen in advisory on Thursday September 13, 2018
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Middle School Science includes Engineering

In science class, the new school year came in like a wrecking ball as teams of students designed and built Apple Annihilator devices to demolish whiteboard marker bowling pins. While the students had fun with this first engineering challenge, there were important criteria and constraints that they had to consider. Along the way, students reviewed and gained more knowledge of engineering concepts, key experimental vocabulary, and science practices that they will focus on throughout the year. This…

Posted by Kristin Feddersen in science on Tuesday September 11, 2018
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We perform Shakespeare!

I am nervous and uncomfortable. I do not know what to expect. I don't want to fail. I don't want to look foolish.

I feel certain that is how many 6th and 7th graders feel when they walk into Performing Arts class on the first day of the quarter. The discomfort may be excitement and it may be fear. It might even be dread for students who wrestle with stage fright.

Even after months of reading, watching and preparing for our Shakespeare workshops, I felt overwhelmed with emotions on the first day. …

Posted by Kristin Feddersen in the arts on Thursday September 6, 2018
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