Blog: What's special about our middle school?

Below are selected entries from Middle School Insight - our weekly blogs used for communication with our parents.


What is Advisory?

Countryside's Advisory program allows students to engage in learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom curriculum. This highly structured time helps students build important life skills which include leadership, empathy, digital citizenship, stress management, organization and study skills, and a host of general social skills. Our Advisory curriculum takes students through various activities and long-term projects to facilitate these skills.

Camping Trip

The first major Advisory project of the year, and for many students the most memorable, is the preparation for our big camping trip! At the MS Campout, students run the show. Leadership and cooperation are both the names of the game as students work in Activities, Cooking, and Logistics committees to prepare for the trip. Students will plan the games we play, audit and figure out how to assemble our tents, and arrange to feed a group of nearly 60! Once at the campsite, students then take the lead. The result of this careful preparation is a magical experience that is highly valued by students and staff alike.