E-Learning during COVID

Upon returning from spring break on March 23, Countryside launched into e-learning!

Our teachers began preparation for this move to digital delivery of classes in early March when it became apparent school buildings might need to close temporarily.

Because we teach students from age 5-13, our delivery methods are different at various grade levels. We utilize a combination of recorded video, Zoom class instruction, Zoom individual and small group meetings, and Zoom office hours. We communicate with our families via email and through our Google Classroom platform.

We invite you to peek at our students' experiences. We will to continue to add to this page.

See how we are learning:

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Performing Arts: Our 6th and 7th graders were to perform scenes from Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" at our Middle School Showcase of the Arts. As that had to be cancelled, they performed through Zoom. Here's one video from that series: Antiphales of Syracuse is overwhelmed

From our 8th graders: Pen pass and thanks. Thank you essential workers!

From our faculty and staff: We miss seeing all our students. We're thinking of you!

Kindergarten: Mrs. Cox teaches about gravity as an astronaut in space

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What do our parents say about our e-learning?

"A big THANK YOU to all of the Countryside faculty and staff. Your innovation and dedication have been the key to helping our families adjust to all of this craziness. Continuing our children's education as well as just keeping them in a school-type routine has been invaluable. THANK YOU!"

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